Everything You Need for a Stronger Security Posture

Improve customer trust, grow security posture, and reduce costs with a single unified platform. An integrated platform facilitates work between decision-makers, developers, and security teams across features like pentest tracking, security monitoring, compliance, vulnerability reporting, and more.

Facilitating Our Clients’ Achievements

85 000

Vulnerabilities Detected


Improvement in Accountability


Vulnerability Remediation Improvement

Options Offered


  • 1 - 256 Target IPs
    Penetration Testing
    Vulnerability Assessment
    Cybersecurity Audits
    Proactive Cyber-assurance
    Risk Assessment
    Web & Mobile Testing


  • More than 256 Target IPs
    Penetration Testing
    Vulnerability Assessment
    Cybersecurity Audits
    Proactive Cyber-assurance
    Risk Assessment
    Web & Mobile Testing
    Code Review
    Configuration Review
    Social Engineering
    Cybersec Trainings
    Adversary Simulation

Protect Data. Save Money.
Grow with Confidence.

Improve Customer Trust
Your business's security isn't just your own — it's your customers' data and the reputation you build with them. Demonstrate that your customers' data is safe with continuous audit systems that shrink your attack surface.
Save Resources Spent on Security
Stop compromising between budget limitations and IT human resources. With our PTaaS platform, you can easily launch continuous monitoring like the big tech companies without being limited by your IT security resources.
Find and Fix Loopholes at Scale
Finding flaws in your website, app, or network before the bad guys do is critical for business growth. Evaluate your security posture and identify cybersecurity vulnerabilities before attacks damage your business and brand reputation.

Everything You Need
for Offensive Security

Our solutions are designed to help any business or website develop a world-class offensive security posture.

Continuous Security Assurance
  • Drive a proactive stance in your organization to maintain the highest possible level of security for your IT systems and digital assets.
  • Ensure that your security controls and measures are effective and up-to-date, reducing the likelihood of successful cyberattacks.
  • Gain a systematic, integrated, and comprehensive framework that enables your organization to identify, assess, and manage risks.
  • Generate reports and get data-driven insights to make security improvements at-scale in the future.
Security Team Extension
  • Our “human” approach combines automation with professional cybersecurity expertise.
  • Benefit from our unique and powerful approach to managing an organization’s cybersecurity needs.
  • Integrate automated security tools with human analysis and interaction.
  • STE provides a more comprehensive and effective solution to address the ever-evolving threat landscape.
Continuous Risk Analysis
  • A proactive, automated approach to identifying, assessing, and managing an organization's cybersecurity risks. 
  • Gain a continuous collection and analysis of data from various sources, combined with regular assessments, to ensure that potential threats and vulnerabilities are detected, prioritized, and addressed in a timely manner.
  • Automate most of the risk analysis process to maintain a dynamic understanding of their security posture and make informed decisions to effectively mitigate risks
Regulatory & Compliance
  • Fulfill critical aspects of an organization's cybersecurity strategy, focusing on ensuring adherence to applicable laws, regulations, and industry-specific standards governing the protection of sensitive data and information systems.
  • Our processes involve the ongoing monitoring, assessment, and reporting of an organization's compliance status to relevant regulatory bodies, as well as the implementation of necessary measures to address any identified gaps or shortcomings.